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The search for neuro-protective agents for the treatment of glaucoma

Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 5:00pm

There was an interesting article on BBC today about recent advances in neuroprotection for glaucoma. Here are some highlights from the article:

optic nerve fundus photoLead researcher Dr Stefano Bonini said: "Although neuroprotection in glaucoma has already been attempted with several compounds, this is the first time that an improvement in visual function is observed in patients with advanced optic nerve damage."

David Wright, chief executive of the International Glaucoma Association, warned against drawing firm conclusions from such a small study - but said the results were encouraging.

He said: "There have been many false dawns in the search for neuro-protective agents for the treatment of glaucoma and it is a feature of research on other compounds that early promise does not always translate into clinical effectiveness when larger studies are undertaken.

"However, this research would seem to indicate both effectiveness and acceptability as to the means of drug delivery.

"If these early indications are carried through to wider trials and there are no other problems, then this has the potential to open a completely new method of treating glaucoma and of preventing unnecessary visual loss in the future."

New prostaglandin derivative for glaucoma treatment

Submitted by dave on Mon, 05/25/2009 - 4:35pm

A hydrogen sulphide-releasing derivative of latanoprost acid (ACS 67) was synthesized and tested in vivo to evaluate its activity on reduction of intraocular pressure and tolerability. Glutathione (GSH) and cGMP content were also measured in the aqueous humour. The increased reduction of intraocular pressure, with a marked increase of GSH and cGMP and the related potential neuroprotective properties, make this compound interesting for the treatment of glaucoma.

Applying eyedrops my way

Submitted by jarek on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 12:06am

Hello to everyone with my first post. I'd like to pass big thanks to the founder(s) and maintainter(s) of this site (by the way: page lacks kind of "who we are" link). I'm happy to join your community. I hope I'll be able to give it as much as I can take from it.

I'm on low but frequent doses of pilocarpine for a few months. This drops show their effect in about 30 minutes, so it's easy to tell if they are working. So finding a way to make them work always wasn't very difficult.

My Eye Pressure Scare

Submitted by dave on Tue, 07/29/2008 - 10:25am

This story has a positive end, but I did have a stressful situation yesterday in regards to my intraocular pressure. In the early afternoon I used the Tiolat iCare tonometer to measure my intraocular pressure, as I have been doing every day for a long time. I obtained seven intraocular pressure measurements (each the average of 6 probe contacts, so this was a total of 42 individual measurements) in the range of 3mmHg to 5mmHg in my left eye. (My right eye was a bit higher, in the range of 8 mmHg.)

The low intraocular pressure reading shocked me! Obviously, this is too low!

The Different Ways To Perform Home Eye Pressure Monitoring

Submitted by dave on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 7:17pm

I want to highlight three different approaches to performing home eye pressure monitoring (self-tonometry). Normally, I focus most of my attention in my blog on the approach I use. However, I thought it would be educational to contrast my approach with two other approaches. I'll discuss each one, but to get us started I would like to give each method a name as shown below:

Ocufors - Is it Ayurvedic?

Submitted by dave on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 2:02pm

In 2006 I wrote about the news that Ocufors, a plant-based pharmaceutical product for glaucoma, had received regulatory approval from India's equivalent of the US FDA (the Drugs Controller General of India - DCGI).

Ocufors is a natural, plant-derived product that has been found to be 30% more effective at reducing intraocular pressure than existing glaucoma drugs, according to its manufacturer.


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