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What are the best nutritional supplements for treating glaucoma?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 12/19/2009 - 12:37pm

What are the best supplements For Treating Glaucoma, or for general Eye health?? I have had glaucoma since 2001, and since last year i have had to increase My Trusopts drops from 2 to 3 per day. I'm very frustrated about this. can You suggest any vitamins that are specifically for Glaucoma or For general eye health? Is there any known reversal for OPTIC NERVE DAMMAGE? Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely John

Gingko Biloba shown to protect optic nerve cells from injury

Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 10:05am

Oral consumption of Ginkgo biloba led to a higher survival rate of optic nerve cells (retinal ganglion cells). The effect was dosage-dependent - the higher concentrations of Ginkgo resulted in higher optic nerve cell survival rates. The dosages of Ginkgo were comparable to those an average person could safely consume.

Dosage dependence of the effect of Ginkgo biloba on the rat retinal ganglion cell survival after optic nerve crush - Abstract 

The search for neuro-protective agents for the treatment of glaucoma

Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/06/2009 - 5:00pm

There was an interesting article on BBC today about recent advances in neuroprotection for glaucoma. Here are some highlights from the article:

optic nerve fundus photoLead researcher Dr Stefano Bonini said: "Although neuroprotection in glaucoma has already been attempted with several compounds, this is the first time that an improvement in visual function is observed in patients with advanced optic nerve damage."

David Wright, chief executive of the International Glaucoma Association, warned against drawing firm conclusions from such a small study - but said the results were encouraging.

He said: "There have been many false dawns in the search for neuro-protective agents for the treatment of glaucoma and it is a feature of research on other compounds that early promise does not always translate into clinical effectiveness when larger studies are undertaken.

"However, this research would seem to indicate both effectiveness and acceptability as to the means of drug delivery.

"If these early indications are carried through to wider trials and there are no other problems, then this has the potential to open a completely new method of treating glaucoma and of preventing unnecessary visual loss in the future."

aminoguanidine and glaucoma

Submitted by Agnes on Mon, 07/06/2009 - 8:10pm

It is known now that the optical nerve on glaucoma patients is due to the different changes in the eyes between pressure and less or non pressure. So the drops we are taking are reducing the pressure but are not protecting the optical nerve although I read that Brimonidine drops do a better job in doing so.  I found  out that aminoguanidine has been scientifically proven to protect the optical nerve in animal.  Can't find any research on humans.

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