Stress and Eye Pressure - Solving The Equation

Submitted by dave on Thu, 06/05/2008 - 2:38pm

I read this comment recently on

"When I was in the ophthalmologist's office my eye pressure was 30 mmHg, and when I was in my optometrist's office (who also happens to be a good friend and strongly believes in alternative, natural eye care), my eye pressure was 20 mmHg. The intraocular pressure readings were taken one day apart, at the same time in the morning."


I know several people in our self-tonometry research group who have had experiences very, very similar to this. I have seen it myself. Typically, this is due to stress. It is typically not, as skeptics like to immediately assume, due to errors in measurement or equipment.

Often, both patient and physician are very pleased if a combination of drugs and/or surgery reduce intraocular pressure by 10 mmHg. A change of this magnitude is highly significant.

My own experience, and the experience of many other people doing self-tonometry, is that our inner state (our thoughts and emotions) are capable of producing intraocular pressure changes in excess of 10 mmHg. In some ways this is a shocking finding because, A) in general, the field of ophthalmology does not recognize or admit that this is even possible -- that stress affects IOP, and B) the magnitude of the change is often similar to the changes produced by the most powerful treatments (drugs and surgery) available in allopathic medicine.

Gain Better Eyesight by Expanding Your Heart

Submitted by dave on Sat, 05/24/2008 - 11:16am

If you allow yourself to see things through the eyes of another, you will be rewarded by better sight.

Just in case that statement sounds a little too quixotic, let me frame this in terms of intraocular pressure and glaucoma and tell you what myself and others are finding by carefully measuring our eye pressure with professional quality tonometers.

Take a Shower - Lower Your Eye Pressure

Submitted by dave on Sun, 04/20/2008 - 11:50pm

Those of us monitoring our own intraocular pressure with professional tonometers are finding several common activities that reliably lower our eye pressure. Taking a shower is one of those activities. As surprising as it may be, the simple activity of taking a relaxing shower can lower intraocular pressure as much as some glaucoma medications. Taking a shower works almost every time. It works especially well after a stressful event that has temporarily raised your eye pressure.

Blindness Carried by the Ego is Complete Darkness

Submitted by dave on Tue, 03/11/2008 - 3:37pm

How many of you are watching Oprah Winfrey's webcasts with Echkart Tolle: A New Earth Web Event? I suggest it is worth watching. There is more to the connection between this topic and our visual health than one might realize at first glance.

The current discussion is about the ego's role in our health and happiness. The term ego, as used in this context, means our sense of individual, separate self. Our ego is what conceptually defines us as individual humans.

Can An Emotional Movie Elevate Your Eye Pressure?

Submitted by dave on Mon, 11/05/2007 - 1:33pm


Two nights ago my wife and I watched a movie on DVD called "I Am David." The movie has an overall customer review rating of about 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon -- but more importantly, it was highly recommended by the Spiritual Cinema Circle. My wife and I have decided to watch only uplifting or positive movies, and the recommendation from Spiritual Cinema Circle indicated that this movie fit our criteria.

Quite a few customers on Amazon have written reviews containing strong praise for this movie. Here is one example:

Glorious Illuminating Glaucoma

Submitted by dave on Tue, 10/23/2007 - 10:57pm


Over the last year I have been telling my friends and my wife that I'm finding enlightenment though high-frequency intraocular pressure research and self-tonometry. For a while my wife watched me monitor my intraocular pressure up to one hundred times a day (or even two hundred) and she thought I was focused on glaucoma and the disease. My wife understands The Great Secret and The Law of Attraction and naturally she was concerned - she didn't want me focusing on disease.

Thinking About Eye Pressure

Submitted by dave on Mon, 10/22/2007 - 11:48am

Let us celebrate and enjoy everything that comes into our lives. Everything comes for a reason (and the reason is usually that, on some level, we have created all the situations in our life). So whether we are dealing with glaucoma or another health issue or another life issue, we should own it, claim it, bless it and even be thankful for it.

Ocular Hypertension Journey

Submitted by Nancy on Fri, 10/19/2007 - 5:20pm

Greetings to everyone at the end of this lovely autumn day ~

 I've documented much of my 30 years with ocular hypertension and will be sharing this information and my experiences in this blog.

 My name is Nancy and I was diagnosed with ocular hypertension 30 years ago. At that time, actually, elevated pressures were synonymous with glaucoma. In retrospect, that may have been a good thing. I took all of this very seriously from the beginning.


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