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Follow up Doctor's Visit

Submitted by dsaito on Mon, 09/01/2008 - 8:50am

I made a visit to a new doctor.  I exercised before I left with my pressures around 13  on the AT555.  The doctor tested my pressure around 22-23.  Wasn't surpising since my pressure always seems to be high when I go to the doctor.  Coming home, tested 19-20 on the AT555. 

He looked at my nerves and didn't like what he saw ("looks like crap" was his exact wording), so he is sending me to a specialist.  He said if he were me, he would get a trab immediately in both eyes. 

I have an appointment with the specialist on Tuesday. 

I have been reviewing options and the laser surgery might be a good option to go with. Has anyone had the laser surgery and what results did you have ?

I understand the results to be temporary as with the trab. 

Testing my pressures in the morning, they are always 20-21 range after waking up.  I can get it immediately down by exercising and the pressures are always low in the late evening - 13. 

I am going to have recent pictures of the nerve compared to pictures taken on Tuesday and see if I am still losing nerve tissue. 

I am fairly certain if there is loss going on currently, it is during sleep.  Dave's posts on his recent successes are indeed inspiring. 

Taking 5 or so AC Carbamides before I go to bed seems to make a difference of about few Hgmms lower.  I was seeing 23-24 without the AC Carbamide.  I may step this up to 10 a day and see if this makes a difference. 

I will most likely do the laser surgery.  It seems fairly non-invasive, quick and painless.  If it can lower my pressures at night even for a couple of years, this may give me the time I need to totally figure out how to keep the pressure low at night. 









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