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What would you do?

Submitted by belann on Sun, 09/13/2009 - 5:35pm

I have been reading the FitEyes posts for a long time now—hoping that I could get some ideas of how to preserve my vision in my only good eye.  Here is a little of my history.  I was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1989.  I can’t even remember what the pressures were at that time because I had no frame of reference.   All I know is that about four years later I had ALT laser to both eyes, and the doctor was gratified that he was able to get the pressure down to 18.  It didn’t last, but it was an initial victory.  Other than the short time after the laser, my pressures ran around 30 in both eyes.  I have thick corneas, so I was protected I guess.  My visual field tests were always normal and the optic nerve looked healthy in both eyes.  About two years ago in the fall, the pressure in my right eye shot up to 48.  I have no idea why.  Since there was no damage that they could see, they wanted to do the SLT laser before doing anything more drastic.  The problem was that I had to wait for the SLT laser machine and operator to come into town.  During that time, I lost vision.  The SLT laser did nothing to lower the pressure, so my only alternative to protect vision was the trabeculectomy in that eye.  The surgeon was pleased with the results.  The surgery went well.  The pressure was down to 10, but my vision was terrible.  It has improved a little, but basically I could not function if I had to depend on that eye for my vision. 

I have eaten a largely vegetarian whole foods diet for nearly 30 years.  I have also consulted with Chinese herbalists for this condition over the years.  I am currently taking Ming Mu Di Huang Wan per my herbalist’s instructions.  Truly I have studied a great deal about the effect of diet, exercise and supplements on health, but this condition has me baffled.  I know that stress seems to have an effect on my condition although my ophthalmologist says no. Many of you have confirmed that it is also true for you, so I think I am right on this issue.

Anyway, bottom line is I am putting my case out there to see what collective advice you would have for me.  I am terrified I will lose vision in my good eye.  What would you do?

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