Best Glaucoma Nutraceuticals For Stopping Glaucoma Progression

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Best Natural Glaucoma Dietary Supplements

This is my primary supplement program. But don't be tempted to rely solely on supplements instead of superfruits and superfoods.

Best Glaucoma Superfoods For Healthy Vision

I add many of these to my green salad superfood. See my salad superfood recipe if you want to make a salad. However, you can use these superfood ingredients in many different foods. The list below is roughly divided into two sections. The top section contains ingredients I often add to my salad superfood. The lower section contains foods

Magnesium may stabilize glaucoma

Following up on previous studies which had found a reduced magnesium content in aqueous humor, anterior sclera and tear fluid of patients with various stages of glaucoma (POAG), a group of researchers in Moscow conducted a study to determine whether a magnesium-containing supplement might have a beneficial effect on IOP, visual fields and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness.

Citicoline for Glaucoma

Article by Vincenzo Parisi, submitted to FitEyes by Robert Ritch MD

Is low vitamin-D associated with glaucoma?

What is vitamin D and what does it do?

Vitamin D is a nutrient found in some foods that is needed for health, to maintain strong bones and much more. Muscles need it to move, for example. Nerves need it to carry messages between the brain and every body part, and the immune system needs vitamin D to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

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Life Extension eye pressure support

Submitted by doc007hollywood on Wed, 03/12/2014 - 9:15pm

Has anyone had good results with using Life Extension's "Eye Pressure Support" product? The active ingredient is the Mirtogenol forumulation (bilberry + pycnogenol). I'm at a pre-glaucama stage where I got confounding visual field test results and my eye pressure has been slowly creeping up (14 to 18 in the last year and half). I would like to halt or slow down the pressure increase and am wondering if this supplement would help. Any opinion on this or other ways to help my condition would be appreciated, thanks.

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Melatonin drops directly into eye 19% IOP drop

Submitted by jsargent on Fri, 01/10/2014 - 8:26am

Hi all- I recently found this bit of research claiming that melatonin eye drops lowered IOP by 10% on day one and 19% by day five. I can't paste the link because I'm using an Apple computer and it apparently has issues with my browser. Anyhow, you can find it at the NCBI website.

Now as far as I know nobody manufactures a melatonin eye drop, but this is something I would pay a manufacturing lab to do, if it works. Has anyone here experimented with or heard about this protocol?

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