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Started on Xalatan

Submitted by dave on Fri, 08/20/2004 - 1:00pm


Today I went to my newly selected ophthalmologist. He used his Goldman applanation tonometer to measure my IOP. Here is what he found:

Left 34; Right 48

Just to be clear what I mean by that, my left eye IOP is 34mm Hg and right eye IOP is 48 mm Hg. Danger High IOP

My ophthalmologist said that 48 was the highest IOP he recalled seeing in his practice. (I have read about values in the 60's.) He immediately treated my eyes with Timoptic GFS .5% and Xalatan. Before I left his office, both eyes were down to the low 20's (about 21-22). He seemed satisfied with the magnitude of the drop.

He gave me both medications to take home with me. However, he instructed me to use 1 drop (each eye) of Xalatan only, and come back for a checkup. My doctor will decide which medications I need after the next visit.

I started on Xalatan around midnight 21-August-2004.


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