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New Program to Really Understand My IOP

Submitted by dave on Thu, 07/06/2006 - 6:00pm


Today is the beginning of my effort to really understand my IOP. You will begin to see daily reports of my IOP values now. I may have to miss some days due to special circumstances, but my plan is to have my IOP measured every day -- usually multiple times per day.

AT 555I have a special financial arrangement worked out with a doctor of optometry who can measure my IOP with a Goldman tonometer as well as a Reichert AT550 non-contact tonometer. This arrangement will help me obtain frequent IOP measurements, and it is only a supplement to the care I receive from two ophthalmologists.

The Goldman tonometer probably cannot be safely performed multiple times every day for extended periods of time. Therefore, I will rely heavily on the newest Reichert non-contact tonometers - the AT550 and the AT555. (UPDATE: at times I will also have to rely on the Reichert NCT II model 12415, which is an older instrument.)


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