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Coconut Oil

Submitted by tsingle999 on Fri, 01/02/2009 - 10:11am

I have been experimenting with raw coconut oil for a few months and i have found that it helps me with side effects from the drops. My eyes are not as red and irritated when I use it compared to when I don't. 

I have tried doing it in just 1 eye and the difference is very clear to me. Irritation, itching and redness in 1 eye but not the other. 
Its very simple to do. just put a tiny bit on your finger and it will melt and I rub a bit above my eyelid under the brow bone. And i put a tiny amount on my eyelid being sure not press on the lid too hard. 
I find it more effective comfortable using a small amount. Start with a tiny bit and if it doesn't work increase it slightly till you find the right amount. 
I find if I put too much on my eye feels a little "heavy" - sort of hard to describe but it goes away anyway. Best wishes for the new year! Taran

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