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Looking for an affordable NC tonometer in Italy or Europe

Submitted by glammer on Sat, 05/25/2013 - 11:00pm

Hi to all,

I'm an italian guy (33 year old) diagnosed with evolved pigmentary glaucoma in the right eye. I've already lost about my 34% of visual field there, and I'm scared as hell to become half blind in the future. I thnk that self tonometry is one of the very important things I can do to prevent that, to fight back, I mean. But here, seems impossible to find an affordable non-contact tonometer.

I live in ITALY, but in all Europe I wasn't able to find some of those tonometers you all here suggest. I mean, the Reichert's tonometers from AT555 to the 7CR. I can only buy some of the rebound tonometers made by the icare company, but in this site I've learnt they aren't very easy to use. So, I'm here asking for your help. Is there an eShop ANYWHERE in the old Europe where i can finally find what I'm looking for? Or maybe even one in the states that ships to Europe? I can give every
necessary proof of my condition, visual fields, oct, pachimetry and so on.

But I need to find a way to control my intraocular pressure at home, since as you know pigmentary glaucoma suffers of those sudden and frightening pressure spikes. Can you help me? Thanks to all for your attention, and sorry for my not-so-perfect english.

P.S.  my name is ROBERTO

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