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Tonometer in use!

Submitted by dave on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 10:07pm

I just received the email below. While I love these emails and each one makes me smile, this is a fairly typical response I see when someone receives their new Reichert tonometer. Keep in mind that the expectation from both of us is that we will have a telephone call when the person's new tonometer arrives and I will explain how to use it. The surprising result is that quite often I don't have to explain anything! That's how easy these Reichert tonometers are to use . This is true even for someone who is not good with technology.

Here's the email that just came today:

I actually opened the box, unpacked the tonometer and have set it up on a sturdy table in our bedroom! I've read all the instructions and have taken readings all day today. So far so good. It's all very interesting and hasn't taken over my life as I feared!


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