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How do I spend my day off? On FitEyes, of course!

Submitted by dave on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 10:34pm

Sometimes I wonder where all my time goes. I know I volunteer a lot of time to FitEyes that is unrelated to working with my clients or doing other things I "have" to do. So I did a quick check of where my time went on my recent "day off." Here's what it looked like:


1 hour emails (mostly related to FitEyes)

1 hour discussing new FitEyes website work with a developer

3 hours researching backup and storage solutions for the FitEyes website (long overdue)

1 hour to get a replacement computer part

1 hour enjoyable phone conversation with a FitEyes member

1 hour helping another FitEyes member with tonometer software questions

1 hour answering various emails from other FitEyes members

1/2 webserver maintenance for (website was running slow)

2 hours to review IOP data collected by a doctor for a new research project

It's amazing I still had time to cook, eat, exercise and do my own self-tonometry! However, I did not get to many other FitEyes tasks and I was not able to reply to all the FitEyes questions that came in. We're going to need a real staff soon. :)



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