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IOP Observations: Sharing Experiences that Impact (Upward or Downward)

Submitted by carolynmil on Tue, 01/27/2015 - 10:11am

I am starting this blog as a way of capturing the anecdotal observations around IOP variation AND the actions taken that we believe alter that measurement in either direction: (upward or downard).

I will initiate this blog with an experience that I had on 1/19/2015 and the follow-up observations and actions taken to explore these variations further.


Today was an anomaly. I had the highest readings ever measured. Any where from 24 - 30.  Here are my observations and maybe someone can shed some light on what happened.
  • I did not take my magnesium last evening
  • I was a bit stressed when I went to bed; lots going on around planning a celebration for my Mom and preparing images for a juried photography exhibition
  • I woke up still feeling a bit tense
  • I had to hurry and transport my GodMom to an appointment
  • I rushed back home to meet someone
  • I encountered 2 of my neighbors with complaints regarding the landscape for the condo (none of which I have responsibility for..)
  • I encountered my neighbor with my favorite Scottie (and,I do have sensitivities to dogs)
  • I went for a walk, up some rugged hills, thinking this would bring down my IOP
  • On returning, I found it higher than prior to leaving
  • After several deep breaths, it started coming down
  • My pulse rate and blood pressure were slightly elevated at this time (when both are usually low); I felt hot all over.
  • I did have coffee before rushing out.
  • It did finally come down from 30 and 24 to (24 and 23)...both numbers are unusual for me. 
  • I do have narrow angles and noted some tearing in the one that had the higher number. Plus, I am very sensitive to light. 


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