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My story of my trabeculectomy

Submitted by babsy on Tue, 07/06/2010 - 11:46am

My drops were stopped when my pressure was 18 every 6 months. My pressure then went up and I kept asking to go back on drops but I was told there is no damage to my optic nerve. When the pressure reached 30 they said so sorry you now have optic nerve damage. And I have been bombarded with drops and my pressure got down to 14. After a while it went back up to 24 and I showed a bit more optic nerve damage. A trabulectomy was given as only option. My sight was 20 20 vision. To keep it I agreed  to the operation. The operation has left me blind in that eye and in awful pain. My life has changed. I also have high pressure in other eye and am getting drops of  tafluprost and cosopt.

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