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Effect of Diet and Other Environmental Factors on IOP

Submitted by walk6981 on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 11:59pm

I've been performing systematic self-tonometry as well as taking regular blood pressure readings for four months now.  As Dave predicted I would, I've made several personal discoveries by simply gathering data and letting the findings rise to the top.

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eye pressure and dietary amines gluatamatesAs one individual, my IOP is significantly influenced by environmental factors, particularly diet.  This has been frustrating because it is all a matter of trial and error, although I have been able to short-cut the process somewhat by reading about the restricted diets of migraine sufferers and the like.  In my case, free glutamates (MSG in all its various and sundry forms, in particular) will always spike my IOP by as much as 6 points.  It takes about three hours after ingestion for the effect to register which then, unfortunately, lasts for some time.  The same holds true when I eat foods that throw off histamines or tyramines.  Both of these biogenic amines are derived from amino acids and produced by foods that are highly processed, fermented, aged, marinated, slow-cooked, or, even slightly, spoiled.  Needless to say, when I go to bed with high pressures as a result of making a "mistake" at dinner, I pay for it with higher than normal IOP that night and into the next morning.  My working motto when it comes to food now is:  "Plain is good; fresh is best."  Sometimes that's easier said than done...try eating sushi without soy sauce.

My dietary effect is consistent enough that I can predict it in advance or almost always find the missing link when I look back at ingredients I consumed or take note of the way the food was prepared.

Calling All Side Sleepers

Submitted by walk6981 on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 10:14pm

For those of you who have been life-long side sleepers:  is your glaucoma and hearing (for those of you who suffer from tinnitus or are hard-of-hearing in one ear) worse on the side on which you sleep?

By the same token, for those of you who sleep on your backs; is there a large or small IOP differential between your eyes?

Nothing scientific about this query; just simple curiosity.


Dietary Amines and Free Glutamates

Submitted by walk6981 on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 8:08pm

Curious to know if anyone has consistently experienced what I have with relation to dietary amines (particularly histamine and tyramine) and/or free glutamates:  namely, a marked increase in IOP approximately three hours after eating foods with these properties.

EDIT: see the follow up here: Effect of Diet and Other Environmental Factors on IOP

Effect of Bilberry and Pine Bark Extracts on Improving Ocular Blood Flow and Lowering IOP

Submitted by walk6981 on Sun, 08/09/2009 - 6:30pm
Dear Dave,
If I may, what are your thoughts with regard to the attached study which appeared in the July 2008 issue of Molecular Vision?  It purports that a proprietary combination of bilberry and pine bark extracts in a 2:1 ratio successfully lowered IOP by 3 mm Hg in pre-Glaucoma subjects after three months. 
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