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Watching Tour de France Raises IOP

Submitted by dave on Thu, 07/20/2006 - 10:59pm

Today was an important stage in the Tour de France. I am very excited for Floyd Landis. Of course, what also interests me at  the moment is whether the excitement of watching the Tour de France has any impact on my IOP. Here are today's numbers. The usual trend I'm seeing is that my IOP is highest in the morning and lowest late at night. It does appear that my IOP jumped up after watching the exciting performance by Floyd -- in fact, I had my highest eye pressure of the entire day immediately after watching the Tour de France on TV. Who would have expected that?                                                                                                                                            

Time Left Right SD L SD R Comments
8:15 18.4 15.2 1.949 1.304  
8:45 17.4 16.4 1.140 0.894  
21:00 14.8 18.0 0.837 0.707 immediately after working out (40 min cycling, 10 min light weight lifting)
23:10 17.4 21.4 1.140 1.140 after watching exciting Tour de France stage won by Floyd Landis
23:55 13.2 16.4 1.304 0.894 after playing with my dog

These measurements were all taken with a Reichert NCT II tonometer. As usual, I used 1 drop of Xalatan in each eye at bedtime.

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