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The Consciousness and Water

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Submitted by Gruffy on Sat, 12/15/2007 - 4:20pm


I am, like Dave, totally invested in "quantum consciousness." I had my
introduction to the subject quite "coincidentally" through my association with one of
the pioneers of the subject. He left me many thoughts that didn't jell for 50 years.

As Dave pursues an amazing path of discovery about eye pressure, I am looking at an
amazing study done in Japan about the effects of our minds on water. I wouldn't be 
surprised if some of you, if not all, are familiar with this incredible research

All of us have either been with someone who asked a blessing on their meal, or do that
ourselves. I am stunned at the outcome of this simple proceedure, and firmly believe 
what occurs will do so with or without the knowledge of the participants. Our minds
can have an amazing effect on our food...and, in this thread, our water

Take a look at these sites, all of which refer to the same research, then I'll chat
some more (one site has an e-mail to which one might want to subscribe):
Water has a very important message for us. 
Messages from Water

Shifting frequencies of Water
The Dream

As you can see, there are quite a few wonderful thoughts assembled on these sites about
the consciousness and water. I'd guess there are now a profound number of similar sites.

I have had the changing of water demonstrated to my family right here in my own house
several years ago when a specialist in the use of tuning forks came and worked on my wife's
body to deal with some health issues. I could definitely taste the difference between my
tap water before and after he had "meditated" on it. I was just not ready for the full
impact of that demonstration. I also have a large square bottle in my kitchen with about
a pint of water in it that was "blessed" by the Dali Lama. That bottle has taken on a whole
new meaning to me. Not because it was the Dali Lama, but because this man KNOWS about the
process and is intimate with it.

So, I am going to toss out a thought here that I just had. You've seen the effects of
peace of mind, music, consciousness in general, on water. Let me ask you questions, and
you can meditate on them:

  • Your eyes have vitreous humor in them...what is its composition?
  • Your blood flows through your body...what is its composition?
  • You are composed of 55-60% water...what ARE you thinking??

  • And at Cana he turned the water into wine

  • And Peter walked on the water....
  • And...folks....Chris Angel apparently walks on water




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