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Allopathic Medicine Most Effective For Lowering IOP

Submitted by dave on Wed, 09/08/2004 - 11:00am

Due to the optic nerve damage I have already suffered, I must control my intraocular pressure (IOP) very well -- and allopathic medicine has the most effective tools for doing so. Of course, I'll still seek out any knowledge about lifestyle factors that could benefit glaucoma and lower my IOP. Like so many others, I have a health condition that doesn't have any easy answer.

I'm interested in the various vitamins and herbs that have been reported to lower IOP, but my preliminary indications are that none of them come close to the effectiveness of drugs like Xalatan. I have discussed Vitamin C, coleus forskohlii (forskolin), and many other vitamins or herbs with my medical team, but none of these options are a viable alternative to Xalatan. However, forskolin may be of interest in the future if a suitable eye drop based on this herb is brought to market. In the mean time, Xalatan is very effective and very low in side effects.

On another note, I'm having some trouble balancing work demands with the doctor's recommendation to take frequent breaks and to relax more. My company needs me to put in maximum hours because we have some important deadlines coming up. (Actually, we always have important deadlines coming up.) I enjoy the focus and the accomplishment that comes with working hard. I also enjoy the money.

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