Pressure II and what is more to say on IOP???

Submitted by Marcel on Thu, 10/04/2007 - 9:33pm

When writing on altitude I was surprised to see the influence on barometric pressure and researched the web a bit more.

I did find some more information on altitude:

and stating completely the opposite:


Submitted by Marcel on Sun, 09/23/2007 - 7:32pm

As mentioned I will discuss pressure today. I have a mechanical engineering background and process pressures is one of the parameters I work with every day.

The intraocular pressure of an eye, IOP, is measured in mmHg which stands for millimetre Mercury column. In the old days barometers were U shaped glass tubes filled with Mercury and the height of the Mercury indicated barometric pressure.

My Expectations

Submitted by dave on Wed, 11/15/2006 - 10:59pm

I had certain expectations for my IOP values today. I expected the values to be lower in my right eye. I thought I had done the same things I did around the period of November 10th or 11th. On those days (and some preceding days), my IOP in my right eye was closer to 15. It may be that the difference in IOP is related to my schedule for using Timoptic in my right eye, or it may be due to something else I have not noticed. What I am sure of is that I can adjust things to get my IOP back down to 15 without too much difficulty.

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