Stress and Eye Pressure

Does psychological stress and mental states affect eye pressures or contribute to the risk of glaucoma? Read here to find out.

Understanding Your Test Results

Learn more about the different eye exams one would receive in being tested for glaucoma and understand how to interpret the various examination results.

Glaucoma Eye Medications

A look at the various classes and respective drugs commonly used for the treatment of Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension. Read about Prostaglandins, Alpha Agonists, Beta Blockers, Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors, and Miotic medications.

Diet, Eye Pressure and Glaucoma

Might a healthier Diet aid in lowering glaucoma risk? FitEyes is exploring the effects of Diet on Intraocular Pressure and Glaucoma in this section.

Why You Should Monitor Your IOP

If you have Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension, we at FitEyes believe that it is beneficial to monitor your eye pressures at home with a suitable tonometer. But why should you? Read here and learn more about the wonderful benefits of self-tonometry!

Natural Vision Improvement

Discover some natural exercises for improving your vision and acuity, and learn about Bate's Eye exercises and their benefits for your vision health.

Lifestyle, Eye Pressure, and Glaucoma

Explore the effects of lifestyle factors on eye pressure and glaucoma. Included here are topics like exercise, IOP influencing activities, sleep, Meditation, and Yoga.

Our Best Must-Read Blogs

Since 2006, FitEyes has published many informative blog posts about eye health, self-tonometry, glaucoma, and Alternative medicine. We continue to add to this list of favorites. We think you will enjoy reading and commenting on this very best of FitEyes content.

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