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B-vitamins intake, DNA-methylation of One Carbon Metabolism and homocysteine pathway genes and myocardial infarction risk


Background and aims

Several epidemiological studies highlighted the association between folate and B-vitamins low intake and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) risk. Contrasting results were reported on the relationship between folate intake and DNA-methylation. Folate and B-vitamins may modulate DNA-methylation of specific enzymes which are included in the One-Carbon Metabolism (OCM) and in the homocysteine (Hcy) pathways. The aim of the study was to evaluate whether DNA-methylation profiles of OCM and Hcy genes could modulate the myocardial infarction (MI) risk conferred by a low B-vitamins intake.

Methods and results

Study sample (206 MI cases and 206 matched controls) is a case-control study nested in the prospective EPIC cohort. Methylation levels of 33 candidate genes where extracted by the whole epigenome analysis (Illumina-HumanMethylation450K-BeadChip). We identified three differentially methylated regions in males (TCN2 promoter, CBS 5′UTR, AMT gene-body) and two in females (PON1 gene-body, CBS 5′UTR), each of them characterized by an increased methylation in cases. Functional in silico analysis suggested a decreased expression in cases. A Recursively Partitioned Mixture Model cluster algorithm identified distinct methylation profiles associated to different MI risk: high-risk vs. low-risk methylation profile groups, OR = 3.49, p = 1.87 × 104 and OR = 3.94, p = 0.0317 in males and females respectively (multivariate logistic regression adjusted for classical CVD risk factors). Moreover, a general inverse relationship between B-vitamins intake and DNA-methylation of the candidate genes was observed.


Our findings support the hypothesis that DNA-methylation patterns in specific regions of OCM and Hcy pathways genes may modulate the CVD risk conferred by folate and B-vitamins low intake.


  • DNA-methylation;
  • B-vitamins;
  • Myocardial infarction;
  • One Carbon Metabolism;
  • Homocysteine


  • CVD, cardiovascular disease;
  • Hcy, homocysteine;
  • OCM, One Carbon Metabolism;
  • DMR, differentially methylated region;
  • RPMM, recursively partitioned mixture model;
  • BMI, body mass index (BMI);
  • WHR, waist-hip ratio;
  • CHD, coronary heart disease
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