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Keep Close Track Of Your IOP

iCare Home 2 tonometer

Self monitoring anytime and everywhere with the iCare HOME 2 Tonometer.

The iCare HOME2 Tonometer has been designed to provide patients with a convenient way to monitor intraocular pressure (IOP) at home or outside of the doctor’s office. The iCare HOME2 is small and light, so it can be easily carried around.

This is the first FDA approved device available to patients for measuring intraocular pressure at home. It's comfortable, easy to use and requires no anesthesia, drops, air, or other preparation.

Key Features:

  • Ease of use
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Automatic eye recognition
  • Intelligent positioning assistant
  • Gentle measurement technique
  • Instant data transfer to the clinic
iCare Home 2 tonometer

The iCare Home2 Tonometer uses a patented rebound technology that is based on the principle of measuring the force required to compress a material. This method is widely used in many other applications, such as in measuring blood pressure. This tonometer measures IOP by gently touching the cornea.

IOP data empowers decisions as intraocular pressure is the only medically treatable risk factor for glaucoma. The readings help doctors determine your progress and how well your treatment is working. Measurements with the iCare HOME and HOME2 tonometers are reliable and the data helps to better assess the status of any glaucoma present.

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