Healthy Pasta Recipe

Submitted by dave on Sat, 09/06/2008 - 3:50pm

Here is another healthy recipe featuring foods that health the eyes. This is a pasta dish with healthy vegetables in lieu of tomato sauce. (You can actually add some tomato sauce to it if you wish and the taste is good. I prefer it without tomatoes myself.)

Vegetables (all organic):

USDA's Organic Factory Farming Scandal Continues to Unravel

Submitted by dave on Sun, 06/15/2008 - 12:49pm

BASSETT, NEBRASKA - June 13 - What has been dubbed the "largest scandal in the history of the organic industry" has apparently taken another victim. The USDA announced this week that Promiseland Livestock, LLC, a 22,000-head cattle producer, had "willfully" violated the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990, the law that federally regulates the industry.

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