Light exposure from ophthalmology exams: An analysis of potential hazards

Another thing that has me worried is the bright lights I get subjected to in the form of ophthalmoscopy, slit lamp exam, and fundus photos. Those lights can be painful when they are too bright (which they usually are). I read that bright lights can cause apoptosis (cell death spiral) of the ganglion cells. Of course every doctor I ask says that the lights are not bright enough to cause apoptosis.

It would certainly be ironic if, in the course of following our disease, we are subjecting our eyes to proceedures that raise our presures and cause our ganglion cell layer to self destruct! But my gut tells me that to some degree, that is what is I am doing. ~ Bob

Scientist Discovers New Structure Inside The Eye

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By: Live Science Staff
Published: 06/12/2013 07:13 AM EDT on LiveScience

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown layer lurking in the human eye.

The newfound body part, dubbed Dua's layer, is a skinny but tough
structure measuring just 15 microns thick, where one micron is
one-millionth of a meter and more than 25,000 microns equal an inch. It
sits at the back of the cornea, the sensitive, transparent tissue at the
very front of the human eye that helps to focus incoming light, researchers say.

I fired my ophthalmologist today

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A week ago I called my ophthalmologist's office to speak with her. I was told she would be out of the office till today. The lady on the phone asked me why I needed to speak with her; I explained that I wanted to buy a tonometer, and that if she was not in the office to have one of the other ophthalmologists call me. I didn't hear back from her the rest of the week; I was simply ignored.

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I should wait little more for drops to work or go for Trablculectomy immidiately?

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I am under confusion and stress after my last visit to the Glaucoma Specialist So need advise from experienced members like you.

Here is my Case history:

Details on Aryuveda medicine or treatments in Glaucoma

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Thanks for answering my question in length and depth.

Since there is no sure cure for recovering from damage of Optic nerve caused by glaucoma in our ALOPATHIC treatments, I was looking for other possible treatments in Conjuction with Alopathic for my self.

Evasive vs Invasive

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A group of glaucoma patients recently had an online discussion about my book Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle Eye Cure. I was contacted by several readers of that discussion and informed that one of the skeptics posted the following reply about my website:

"I did a little digging and came across Kondrot's site. It's yet more of the usual totally unsupported, unproven New Age silliness of course, but the best bit by far is this:

Cataract surgery should be a last resort after trying other non-evasive treatments.

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