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Some of my favorite articles on

Submitted by dave on Tue, 12/07/2010 - 3:03pm

FitEyes favorite articlesI think the following list represents some of the most informative and useful articles on There are thousands of articles on, so many good ones will not be on this list. But this list is a good place to start reading if you are new to If you are not new to our site, please make sure you have seen these articles.

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ImportantLeading Medical Specialists From Around the World Coalesce Around Self-Tonometry

New! How thoughts and emotions affect eye pressure. WARNING: this post mentions ego!

New! A user's experience monitoring his eye pressure at home

New! Doing things slowly in a fast world (added 6-Dec-2010)

Does eye pressure change every day?

I am Loving Glaucoma

Embrace Evolve Exceed To Overcome Glaucoma

Glorious Illuminating Glaucoma

The Comfort That Comes From Monitoring Your Eye Pressure

How To Measure Your Eye Pressure At Home And Change the World Too!

Recommended Reading - Book Club

Mistake Of The Intellect

We Have Chosen Glaucoma

White Coat Syndrome for Eye Pressure

Glaucoma, Inflammation and Oxidative Stress: An Attempt to Unify Recent News

Best Glaucoma Doctors and Clinics In USA

Stress Negatively Changes Brain Structure, Serene Impulse Positively Changes It

Non-medical Program to Reduce Intraocular Pressure

A Recipe To Reverse My Glaucoma

Best Foods For Your Eyes

DNA Is Not Destiny

Revolutionize Your Glaucoma Management

The Different Ways To Perform Home Eye Pressure Monitoring

Stress and Eye Pressure - Solving The Equation

Buy A Tonometer Through

What Is The Best We Can Hope For?

Home Eye Pressure Monitoring Recommended

Beyond Ego to Awakening - Reading List

The Fundamental Cause of Elevated Eye Pressure

Some of these articles require that you be logged in (and registered) with Because in many of these articles we discuss advanced intraocular pressure research topics. We do not want anyone to mistake these discussions for medical advice. Therefore, you must tell us that you understand that this is not medical advice, and the only way you can do that is by registering and agreeing to the disclaimer.

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