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Non-medical Program to Reduce Intraocular Pressure

Submitted by dave on Mon, 11/10/2008 - 11:20am

UPDATE: At this time, a non-medical program to help people reduce their intraocular pressure through lifestyle modifications and mind-body techniques is not yet available. The knowledge exists, but before such a program can be offered outside a research setting, we need to train licensed medical professionals in how to teach this program to their patients.

I have personally researched this path to managing my intraocular pressure, and my own results have been outstanding, but at this time there is no program to train patients in the skills required to replicate my results.

And, unfortunately, it is not something one could learn by reading a website or a book. Learning to reduce your intraocular pressure by using the methods I discuss in my blog would require personal instruction by a licensed medical professional and it would require the use of a tonometer. There are a number of subtle skills involved, so it requires training, lots of practice and step-by-step coaching.

You will need someone to take you by the hand hand and guide you through every step. And you need to be under the care of an ophthalmologist. 

Serene Impulse instruction would be part of the program, of course. It would require a significant amount of training for a medical professional to become qualified to teach Serene Impulse. So that's one challenge in getting this program off the ground.

If you are a medical professional and you would like to know more about helping your patients better manage their intraocular pressure through self-tonometry, lifestyle modifications and mind-body techniques you can email me through this blog or directly using "dave" at this domain name (

Look for new announcements related to the International Society for Self-Tonometry ("ISST"). Robert Ritch, MD, is Honorary Chairman of this non-profit organization. ISST will be working to help establish programs based on self-tonometry, lifestyle modifications and mind-body techniques.

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