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Glorious Illuminating Glaucoma

Submitted by dave on Tue, 10/23/2007 - 10:57pm


Over the last year I have been telling my friends and my wife that I'm finding enlightenment though high-frequency intraocular pressure research and self-tonometry. For a while my wife watched me monitor my intraocular pressure up to one hundred times a day (or even two hundred) and she thought I was focused on glaucoma and the disease. My wife understands The Great Secret and The Law of Attraction and naturally she was concerned - she didn't want me focusing on disease.

However, my wife doesn't read my blog. She probably hadn't thought much about the fact that this website is called, not (which, by the way, I do own but decided early on not to use for reasons that should be clear to you now). She wasn't aware that my entire focus is on health, not disease.

On my blog I have said, "I became thankful that the glaucoma was helping me achieve greater inner peace," and "There is no doubt that I have become a better person because of glaucoma." My wife will be the first to tell you that I have indeed become a better person because of glaucoma. She sees the changes (which is both a testament to her perceptivity as well as a statement about the magnitude to which I have changed) and she is very happy with new me.

I have also said, here on my blog, "glaucoma is helping me fulfill my life's purpose and I am thankful for it." My friends and my family all clearly see the wonderful changes in my life as a result of what I'm learning by looking into my soul though the lens of a tonometer touching my eye.

Beautiful  Glorious Illuminating sunset Still, my wife was unaware - until recently - that all my energy and attention are focused on intraocular pressure as a means of enlightenment rather than as an indication of disease. The readers of my blog are probably more familiar with that aspect of my thinking than my family is because I don't always repeat what I have written here in conversations with my wife or my friends.

Once my wife and I had a conversation where I explained these things fully, and she saw where my inner focus was, it all made sense to her -- because she sees the outer results in my life. Sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings about my path helped her put my actions (such as high-frequency self-tonometry) in perspective.

My wife understands traditional meditation practices intimately. She knows the traditional role of a guru. And I think she could at least partly relate to me when I said that high-frequency self-tonometry was like a guru - a benevolent teacher -- for me. (In fact, that's where the title of my blog comes from.) Even though I was sure that high-frequency self-tonometry had done as much - probably more - for me than fifteen years studying under a great guru, I was a bit self-conscious saying this to my wife because it didn't sound like a rationale thing to say. In my heart I knew I was expressing the truth. But that didn't make the words sound any less strange.

That was several months ago. Tonight, I had the blessing of seeing Kris Carr on Oprah say the exact same thing about cancer! My wife was watching too. It felt really good to hear another person express what I've been feeling and living.

If you get a chance to watch today's Oprah show, Confronting Death, please do! I only watched the first segment about Crazy Sexy Cancer, but it was really positive - nothing like what the title of the show might make you think. I know what I'm doing works for glaucoma as evidenced by the reductions in IOP I have recorded in tens of thousands of intraocular pressure measurements. However, it was really inspiring to know that someone taking the exact same approach with a different challenge (cancer) is also getting almost identical benefits. I know this approach -- discussed in many of the past posts on my blog, such as the links above -- will work for any situation in life, but I love Chris Carr's powerful story and I urge everyone who reads my blog to watch her film. The film, Crazy Sexy Cancer, is described as "an irreverent and uplifting documentary about a young woman looking for a cure and finding her life." 

I promise you that the same approach works for glaucoma. In fact, I'll make an even stronger statement. You will not simply find your life. When you choose to live in love and to act from love, then you will do more than simply manage your glaucoma. Then you will thrive and you will experience the full glory of life.

To close, I want to remind you of what is possible.When we can fundamentally change ourselves at the deepest level, we can cure our glaucoma.  But the funny thing is that when we start living life from this level of consciousness, curing glaucoma sounds trivial - the power at our disposal is so immense that we can start thinking about curing the world! We can cure the world of war, of poverty, of hunger and hate. And even if we don't all cure our own glaucoma, living the full glory of life right here, right now is something far more important. That's Kris Carr's message. And that's the message of the great teachers of all the ancient traditions.

The first step in curing the world is to begin truly curing the root cause of our own glaucoma and/or elevated intraocular pressure. I want you to know: by doing this work for yourself, you will be bringing a blessing to the world. You will understand this statement fully as you experience the power of love and gratitude to lower your intraocular pressure. Do that -- and then watch the result in the world around you as you radiate the joy inside you. You will change the world.

Some of you can make this real for yourselves by participating in our high-frequency self-tonometry research. The quantitative data can help you connect your minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour fluctuations in intraocular pressure with what is going on in your life (and in your heart and mind). Others of you can simply trust those of us who are doing this and begin practicing the techniques* without owning a tonometer. Either way, as you change your own consciousness, you will be helping to change the world and to normalize your intraocular pressure. If you don't spend a lot of time thinking about the philosophical implications of quantum physics, you may need to wrap your mind around that statement. How can my thoughts affect the outer world? One fun way to think about how this works is to watch What the Bleep Do We Know?! Take my word for it - individual consciousness radiates outward powerfully. Learning to lower our intraocular pressure by improving our state of consciousness is one way to make the world a better place - and it is probably the very most important work any glaucoma patient can do.


* I will write more about specific techniques in the future. For now, one excellent "technique" is to watch great DVD's such as Peaceful Warrior or Conversations with God or those I mention in the post above.

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