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Relationship Between Fear and Elevated Intraocular Pressure

Submitted by dave on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 10:39pm

Elevated intraocular pressure can be classified as a condition characterized by resistance and contraction. The intraocular fluid cannot flow from the eye freely because there is resistance in one or both of the main drainage areas. This resistance creates elevated pressure inside the eye. The trabecular meshwork, one of the primary areas where intraocular fluid drains out of the eye, is now known to have contractile properties.

From our knowledge of the pathophysiology of elevated intraocular pressure, we can list some qualities of the condition. Some qualities of elevated intraocular pressure are:

  • resistance
  • force
  • contraction
  • closed down
  • drawn or held in

Emotionally, fear is characterized by resistance and contraction. Fear is the energy that contracts, closes down and draws in. Fear creates contraction in specific areas of the physiology through the action of biochemicals such as adrenaline.

I find it interesting that several entire classes of glaucoma medications are targeted at or based on the actions of the catecholamines -- the most well-known of which are the adrenal hormones. These adrenal hormones are intimately involved in the fight or flight response. Of course, the fight or flight state is an entirely fear-based emotional state (whether fighting or fleeing).

The relationship between fear and elevated intraocular pressure (and glaucoma) is quite intriguing. 

In prior articles I have touched on the subject of how other emotions and thoughts relate to glaucoma. (The article at this link is worth reviewing again in its entirety, but I'll excerpt a portion here.)

For me, working on my attitude and state of consciousness is a very important area of alternative glaucoma treatment. Louise Hay says that every illness is a manifestion of unresolved emotional thoughts and experiences. She stated, "for every effect in our lives, there is a thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. Our consistent thinking patterns create our experiences. Therefore, by changing our thinking patterns, we can change our experiences."

Getting in touch with the deepest levels of our consciousness and resolving imbalances at that level seems to be what is required for a glaucoma cure, in my opinion.

I described my own glaucoma cure plan in an article on my blog called "Embrace Evolve Exceed To Overcome Glaucoma". Louise Hay mentions that glaucoma can be related to the following unresolved emotions and experiences:stony unforgiveness; pressure from longstanding hurts; overwhelmed by it all. I believe that bias and extreme opinionatedness might also be issues for some people with glaucoma.

In this article, I'll propose that fear is the single emotion at the root of elevated intraocular pressure for everyone who suffers from this condition. Therefore, love has to be the ultimate solution for glaucoma.

When we choose the actions in our life that are based on love rather than fear, we will see a measurable improvement in our intraocular pressure. The time gap between a change to a love-based inner state and a drop in intraocular pressure is zero. As quickly as one can change emotional states, one's intraocular pressure responds favorably.

This statement is based on data collected with a Pascal Dynamic Contour tonometer which samples intraocular pressure at 100 times per second. There is no measurable time gap between a change in one's heart and a change in one's eye pressure.

When you choose to live in love and to act from love, then you will do more than simply manage your glaucoma. Then you will thrive and you will experience the full glory of life.

Glaucoma is simply a reminder that our past fear-based approach to life doesn't produce the results we desire. Glaucoma is an opportunity to live a life filled with love and joy. Glaucoma can be your excuse to drop fear. It can be your tool to demonstrate to yourself the power of love. For some of us, the opportunity to measure quantitatively, in mmHg, the impact of love in our lives is a great opportunity and a great blessing.

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