Understanding Your Test Results

Learn more about the different eye exams one would receive in being tested for glaucoma and understand how to interpret the various examination results.

my approach to glaucoma: HRT (Heidelberg) shows improvement of the eye nerve

Submitted by robekb on Thu, 09/09/2010 - 1:12pm

There was a big surprise for me as I have had today my eye HRT exam. I decided to do the HRT after two months after the recent test as I was curious whether there was any effect from the changes which I have seen in my IOPs (which originated about two months ago).

Quite unexpectedly for me the scan of my eye nerve is, I believe, showing improvement. I haven't discussed this with my doc yet as I have a scheduled visit for next month. BTW my state today when taking the eye exam was far from perfect: I had higher than usual IOP due to a nasty cold and stuffed sinuses.

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