Why is Milk Thistle Included in my Glaucoma Supplement Program?

Silymarin, also known as milk thistle extract, shows antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory actions (as well as its well-known liver-protective effects). In one study Silymarin suppressed TNF-alpha activation and blocked oxidative stress. We know that TNF alpha plays a role in glaucoma, as does oxidative stress.

Diet, Eye Pressure and Glaucoma

Might a healthier Diet aid in lowering glaucoma risk? FitEyes is exploring the effects of Diet on Intraocular Pressure and Glaucoma in this section.

Natural cure for diabetes--how do we do it for glaucoma?

Submitted by Girish on Wed, 06/29/2011 - 10:05pm


SALT LAKE CITY — British researchers may have found a cure for Type 2 diabetes. But there’s a hitch.

You have to starve yourself for eight weeks.

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my approach to glaucoma: glucose matters !

Submitted by robekb on Sun, 09/05/2010 - 10:09am

Inspired by what I read in "Diabetes Solution" by Bernstein and other sources I decided to test this for myself. I was struck how similar the effects of diabetes to one's eyes were to those observed in glaucomatic eyes (diabetes causes glaucoma too BTW). Bernstein himself states that when his blood glocose was not under control he "suffered night blindness, balooning of the blood vessels in the eyes, macular edema and early cataracts".

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