Dr. Sinatra's comment regarding Coenzyme q10 in patients with end‐stage heart failure awaiting cardiac transplantation: A randomized, placebo‐controlled study

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This is part of our discussion about publications by Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. I am attaching his publication, which is a letter to the editor in regard to another study. Log in to download the PDF, or use the link below to obtain it from Wiley Online Library.

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Use Coenzyme Q10 with Timolol Eye Drops for Glaucoma

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If you use ocular beta blockers such as timolol for glaucoma, consider using coenzyme Q10 supplements. Even with careful use (including punctal occlusion), some glaucoma patients experience serious cardiovascular side effects from timolol. However, several studies have found that coenzyme Q10 can improve cardiovascular health. And one study specifically found that coenzyme Q10 reduced those cardiovascular side effects caused by timolol eye drops. Therefore, I would not consider using timolol eye drops without also using coenzyme Q10. Below are excerpts from two published articles aboutthe importance of coenzyme Q10 for glaucoma patients.

Effect of coenzyme Q10 on hemodynamic response to ocular timolol.

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