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June 2006 IOP - I Am Full of Questions Now

Submitted by dave on Tue, 06/13/2006 - 11:00am

I went to my ophthalmologist today convinced that my IOP would be lower than it was on my last visit. After all, my IOP has been trending downward since my first visit to the ophthalmologist. I assumed all the good nutrition and health practices I have been doing are responsible for this positive trend and I'm still doing all those good things. Furthermore, I have engaged in a much more ambitious program for improving my vision and the health of my eyes these last few months. I have been working with personal vision coach for several months now. (You could say that this is analogous to having a personal trainer for a fitness program.)

My IOP values today are:

Left 20; Right 22

These were obtained by the usual Goldman tonometry.

QuestionsThe two year downward trend has officially ended now. Why?!

I am full of questions. Is the program I'm doing with my vision coach working? Did the fact that my boss told me -- one hour prior to my ophthalmologist appointment -- that my company is closing and I will soon be out of a job have any impact on my IOP? Is something else going on?

[UPDATE: This IOP exam is the first one after August 2004 when I have been under some stress at the time of the appointment. I examined past dates and each doctor visit was scheduled at a time when I had at least a few days off work.]

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