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Sharing my story with the Glaucoma Research Foundation

Submitted by shandlerr on Sun, 12/04/2011 - 6:08pm

I had the opportunity to share my glaucoma story with the Glaucoma Research Foundation in San Francisco. Below is the video transcript. Please take a look at the website,, where you can view my story and also learn more about the Foundation. Thanks!

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Xalatan reaction with alcohol

Submitted by Peter Ingleson on Sun, 12/04/2011 - 4:51pm

Recently had an interesting reaction to alcohol since starting my treatment with Xalatan. After having a few glasses of wine, suddenly getting extremely dizzy with distorted vision. With this my only choice was to lie down and "sleep it off".I have had the other reaction to the medication of asthma problems with chest tightness to an existing very mild asthma.

I was interested to know if anyone else had experienced this reaction with alcohol relating to xalatan.

ice syndrome

Submitted by joe911 on Sun, 11/27/2011 - 7:43am

 hi my name is joe i just found out i have ice syndrone in left eye very scared on 3rd set of drops pressure is 29 in left eye i drive for a living dot need my cdl i need the best doctor that specializes in this rare disease all of the forums i have been on all the people have bad outcomes r there any pople with good results thanks



Submitted by wildinstincts on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 10:40pm

I am a professional writer and translator. Usually I work 12 to 18 hours a day in front of a computer. At 56 y/o I needed glasses to work online, to read and to drive, all different prescriptions.

In May 2010 I was laid off, since that day I got gigs but not a real job or steady income. That's recession. Eventually I run out of money, I spent the savings of all my life just to make a living til today.

My vision changed and I could not read anymore with my computer glasses. I could not see a letter and the same happened with my reading glasses and my driving glasses.

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BAK: Boon or Bane?

Submitted by winter.lauder on Fri, 11/25/2011 - 11:51am

Preservatives found in pharmaceutical products are a group of chemical substances added in multidose solutions to primarily reduce the risk of microbial contamination. Benzalkonium chloride, Polyquad, SofZia, and Purite are the common preservatives especially used in anti glaucoma agents. While SofZia and Purite are new preservatives that have been called vanishing preservatives, because they convert to nontoxic substances once in the eye, Benzalkonium chloride, on the other hand is the most common ophthalmic preservative.

Will I pass glaucoma to my children?

Submitted by kobo531 on Sat, 11/05/2011 - 1:00am

 Hi I'm 30 this year and I'm planning to marry my girlfriend next year. Although she doesn't mind the fact that I have glaucoma and the possibility of me going blind one day, she is reluctant to have my children because she's afraid they will have glaucoma too. 

Is there any way we can find out if I will pass glaucoma on to my children? What are the odds of that happening?

Help what should I do?

Submitted by kobo531 on Sat, 11/05/2011 - 12:53am

 I just went to see my ophthalmologist yesterday and came away from the visit very worried. My pressure reading was 25 at first and then 21 after I put in a drop of Alphagan and Trusopt. The doctor said that even though pressure was high he still wanted to wait 3 months to see if it resulted in any damage to my nerves before deciding to give me the TCP laser procedure. However, I already have advanced glaucoma with considerable vision loss and do not wish to take the risk that I'll loss any more vision in the next three months.

Glaucoma and alcohol

Submitted by gayle on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 9:14am

I am new to this site and stumbled across it while searching for links between raised IOP and alcohol. Everything I have read (and the opinion of my doctor) indicates that alcohol generally has a positive effect on eye pressure. I am convinced of the opposite and would even go so far as to say that I think alcohol, particularly white wine actually causes a sudden and serious rise in my IOP. I wondered if there was anyone else who has had the same experience.

New study links active lifestyle to reduced risk of glaucoma

Submitted by Eileen on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 2:21pm

Physical activity may be what the doctor orders to help patients reduce their risk of developing glaucoma. According to a recently published scientific paper, higher levels of physical exercise appear to have a long-term beneficial impact on low ocular perfusion pressure (OPP), an important risk factor for glaucoma.

How soon to shower after drops?

Submitted by Sara on Sat, 10/22/2011 - 6:38am

 As a newbie here I hope you will forgive me if this question has already been addressed. I have been using a variety of prescribed drops to reduce my IOP and of late seem to have  eye irritation no matter which drop. Right now I am on Xalacom, a drop in each eye once a day in the morning. The doc told me the irritation is more from the preservative than the medicine itself. I was wondering if after instilling the drops, if I waited a decent time for the drops to absorb and then washed my face/eyes then perhaps that would get rid of the preservative residue if any in my eyes.

Clinical investigation of the effect of topical anesthesia on intraocular pressure

Submitted by shandlerr on Wed, 10/19/2011 - 11:21am
Clinical investigation of the effect of topical anesthesia on intraocular pressure
Turki M Almubrad and Kelechi C Ogbuehi
Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Correspondence: Dr Turki AlMubrad, Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences, PO Box 10219, Riyadh 11433, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel +966 1 4358479, Fax +966 1 4350810, Email

food additives/preservatives

Submitted by jez.thompson on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 4:01pm

Hello there everyone,

My name is Jez and this is my first post.

I have a five year old son with agressive glaucoma secondary to a rare eye condition called sporadic aniridia. His glaucoma has been hard to control medically, and he currently has a Baerveldt shunt in each eye.

We try to maximise our son's general health, and therefore the health of his eyes, by maintaining a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables. We focus on foods with natural antioxidants to try and offer a degree of neuroprotection to the cells of his optic nerves.

Glaucoma as a result of eye surgery

Submitted by ZeldaC on Wed, 10/05/2011 - 5:28pm

Has anyone developed glaucoma after retinal or other eye surgery?  I had four surgeries in my L eye; two retinal, then two cataract (which resulted from the retinal surgeries!),  After all this, I developed glaucoma in the L eye only.  I had a vitrectomy and the surgeon placed silicone oil in my eye; later when he went to remove it, he wasn't able to get all of it.  It is suspected that it is the oil which is causing my elevated IOP.  My R eye pressure is normal.  I'd love to hear from anyone who's been through something like this.  Anyone?

Drops and Bloodshot, red-rimmed eyes

Submitted by Katalina9 on Wed, 10/05/2011 - 8:15am

Are red, irritated, sore eyes a necessary accompaniment to the taking of drops?  I take Xalatan (for 1.25 months) and am wondering  if I should ask to change drops or not.  I understand that Xalatan is supposed to be milder so don't want to start on something that will make my eyes worse!  So far after 1 month, there was no change in pressure.

I recognize that everyone is different but do some of you use drops and have normal, comfortable eyes? 

anyone heard of chromium or frankincense for glaucoma?

Submitted by honeybee on Mon, 09/05/2011 - 2:10pm

Here is a web-site which may be interesting.  Has anyone heard of these remedies?

go under ailments, then glaucoma. The chromium is in the last article in the web-sites listed, about Dr Lane.  also the frankincense.


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