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Newly diagnosed, although I have had Glaucoma for 10 years

Submitted by shandlerr on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 3:39pm

Hello fellow Glaucomians,

I was diagnosed this year on April 19 with Glaucoma, after visiting an eye clinic noticing that the vision in my left eye was a bit fuzzy. I had always had 20/20 vision - and still do (well, 20/25 now), but never was an eyeglass-wearer and, shamefully, my last visit to the eye doctor was circa 1997.

I am 42 years old, and while I have had the past 6 weeks to digest this, I am still pretty distraught. I am glad that I am aware that I have this, as I guess I had been carrying it with me for 10 years, the glaucoma specialist estimated. I am on Timolol (1x), Trusopt (3x), Xalatan (1x) and Alphagan (3x). The drops are being kind to my eyes for the most part thus far, and controlling my pressure very well. When I walked into the office, I had an IOP reading of 56 in my left eye (I know, GASP) and 24 in my right eye. The last time I was checked by the glauc specialist it was 11 in both eyes, so I am doing ok on that front. I had an OCT and my cup to disc ratio is a .7 in my left eye and .4 in my right. I am reading/researching about glaucoma on a daily basis but trying not to be neurotic. I am tired of crying about my diagnosis.

Again, I am thankful to know that I have this, as I am shocked and amazed that 2 million ppl in this country (U.S.) don't know that they have it. Although I didn't have to alter my lifestyle too drastically (I exercise and ate fairly healthy), I now take it to the 9th degree by exercising almost daily and eating a ton of vitamin A an C, taking supplements (responsibly) and I am also seeing an acupuncturist as well (primarily for the emotional aspect of it) and a therapist (but I had been seeing her already. She is actually the one who helped me to discover my vision was fuzzy after performing some EFT on me!).

Although I am sad and I think this is a scary disease, I am thankful that it can be controlled, as many eye diseases cannot - many diseases in general cannot!

I have faith that through the power of stem cell research, etc, that there will be more help for neurological disorders. I enjoy hearing other people's stories about this, and quite honestly have yet to read a story about someone who had completely lost their vision who had acted responsibly. I take my prescription very seriously and thankful with the insurance I am on it is $5.00 a drop!!!

Thank you for sharing your stories. The upside of this is that we will most likely live longer, healthier lives by being proactive about our health. I have hope.


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