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Mental, emotional and lifestyle factors are the powerful IOP influencers

Submitted by bstruss on Fri, 08/13/2010 - 10:15pm

I am learning so much more about these patterns and their effect on my IOP all the time. Recently, I had a major emotional crises with my family concerning a simple misunderstanding and lack of communication. Interestingly, my eye pressures did not rise in the first couple of days (though the stress was off the charts). However, after a couple of days, my eye pressures went crazy, and even with lumigan, I could hardly get them below 20s.

Even though I did not understand how this situation blew up, I determined to resolve it, and in the process dealt with some other bitterness which I did not know was down there. Long story short, is that a couple days later (today), my pressures have been in the 11's and 12's without any drops. Whatever you do, keep the emotional pipes clean as you would be surprised how much gunk is down there! The only thing you have to loose is the ego, and who needs it.

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