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Why guess about your eye pressure when you can know?

Submitted by belann on Fri, 08/13/2010 - 3:05pm

Hi all,

I feel like I need to jump in here [in response to the discussion going on in the FitEyes email group].  I have had my tonometer for almost 6 months.  It has answered a multitude of questions about how my daily routine affects my health.  I didn't know, for example, that just taking a walk outside for a half hour or so would reduce my eye pressure, sometimes by as much as 50%.  I also didn't know that I wasn't one of the people whose pressures are higher at night--in fact my lowest pressures are at night.  (That was good news.  I was tired of sleeping with my head elevated).  I didn't know that my pressures are often lower after going to a movie--unlike those whose pressures are higher after a movie.  And, I was able to see that drinking a lot of any fluid at one time raises my eye pressure. 

I, like David, have found no supplements (and I know a lot about supplements) that had any effect on lowering my IOP, but I have found that some supplements will raise my IOP quite significantly (triphala for instance).  I know that out of control thoughts and periods of stress significantly raise my IOP in spite of the two drops I am using or any other healthy lifestyle choices I am making.  ( I haven't as yet taken advantage of the Serene Impulse training.  That will probably be my next step when employment issues are resolved.)

I have gathered a significant amount of data over the last 6 months about what I can do to prevent the loss of vision in my only good eye.  (The right eye had a trab, but a little too late)  When I presented this data to my very competent ophthalmologist, he didn't even want to see it.  I tried to explain some of the things I had found, and he said as he made his way for the door, "Well, just keep taking walks."  The truth is, his job is to be a surgeon when my pressures get out of control.  He can give me drops to see if they will control it, but his concern ends there.  I am the one who is responsible for keeping my vision.  I can't give the task to him, he has enough to do.  I feel blessed to have found David and fiteyes.  Now, I feel I have a little control over what seemed to me an inevitable negative outcome.  

Best to all

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