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Developing a health-wellness vs disease mentality

Developing a health-wellness vs disease mentality

Submitted by Bailey on Thu, 03/17/2011 - 2:58pm

When I first became diagnosed with glaucoma, I checked and double checked everything which the doctor told me. I Health consciousalso read every article on glaucoma which I could find, and tried to calculate and assess the risks in my own particular case. I reached a point where I became obsessed with understanding everything there was to know about 'my disease' (as though understanding alone could result in some sort of curative action).

As time went on, this pursuit caused me to feel like I was looking at the world through 'diseased eyes' and it became more and more frustrating as I realized that from an empirical perspective alone, there was simply no way to ever understand glaucoma (and anyone who says they do is probably delusional). It wasn't until I familiarized myself with Dave's perspective of focusing on health and letting doctors worry about my condition, that I began to interrupt this negative cycle.

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