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Dramatic Improvement in Visual Field

Submitted by andrea on Sat, 10/17/2009 - 1:03am

I was diagnosed with Glaucoma in January of 2005. I have taken Alphagan all this time. Yesterday I saw the Dr treating me for Glaucoma. She showed me yesterday's visual field compared to one a year before. The old one was mostly black. The new one was mostly covered with numbers from 4 to 27 and a few areas of the top-31. Wow. My doctor said she thinks Alphagan has a neuroprotective effect. I know it was studied and found not to be useful for this but there must have been some reason to study it after all the time it has been around. There may be some others like me.

medical mariuana

Submitted by andrea on Wed, 11/05/2008 - 10:38am
My state has a bill for medical marijuanna ready to probably be vetoed. I never was a smoker of this but have seen that it is recommended for pain and Glaucoma. Hoe does it help glaucoma? The obvious mat be lowers pressures. Is there some freedom of the mind and stress.

contaminated soil,contamination

Submitted by andrea on Sat, 10/04/2008 - 2:45pm
My soil is part of a toxic waste site according to the EPA. They stopped the soil replacement three city blocks from my house. They did send out an amazingly written notice about how to avoid contamination. An example was to separate your garden tool away from other thins you use in the garage. It has arsenic. It did make me think about all the contamination there might be. As a kid, we looked forward to the 'fog truck' to run through the fog. Now I know the fog was insecticide. So I played in insecticide???? There is so much gunk lioke this in the air, dirt etc how does this contribute not only to health but eue developing glaucoma(sorry about long sentence) Are our eyes the canary in the coal mine?

Laser Surgery

Submitted by andrea on Mon, 08/04/2008 - 7:46am

I wonder if anyone has experience with this laser surgery for glaucoma. My IOP's range fropm 12 to 17. I have been getting a great deal of vision loss at this range. I guess the laser would lower it even more??? How low can it go? This is really sort of scary as I though my pressures were low. Ususally they are 12 to 15. I did check with one of the chain vision places about refular and frequent checks and they said they dont do that unless you are actively using their services. I guess this means 'full service.' If anyone knows about this laser stuff it would be great to hear. Thanks

Multiple Medical Conditions

Submitted by andrea on Tue, 06/17/2008 - 6:35am
I am sure many who have Glaucoma have other medical considions. I am wondering how Glaucoma interacts with other conditions.Some may be more obvious such as those that interrupt blood flow to the optic nerve. I am curious though, especially from the self monitors, if Pain can raise the IOP. Today I am not walking due to pain. This is due to arthritis flair and very much pain. I had my heart checked and my pulse isnt raised. Has anyone found if pain levels raise IOP at all?

optic nerve death

Submitted by andrea on Mon, 05/12/2008 - 10:02am

When a part or even the entire optic nerve is dead, I know it does not promote vision. Does theis death grow like when a limb had gangrene? Is the Nerve 'dead' so it should be rejected by the body? I think it must mean something different from most tissue dead for optic nerves to be determined dead. Does anyone know or have a good hypothesis?


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