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Submitted by dave on Thu, 05/08/2008 - 12:30pm

In this post I want to share an email I received from a friend who teaches natural vision improvement. This is her newsletter.


Issue #2, 4 May 2008

This newsletter can also be read on our website at

Welcome to Visions of Joy News!



Next weekend I'll be driving up the long winding road along the glorious Californian Big Sur coastline to the famous Esalen Institute, where I will be assisting Dennis Lewis, well known breathing coach and author of 'The Tao of Natural Breathing' and 'Free Your Breath, Free Your Life' with his 5 day breathing workshop.  
This is the third time that I assist Dennis with his workshop, so I already know it will be a great week, and you can be sure that the incredible hot tubs on the edge of the Pacific Ocean will get regular visits!
Come join us from 11 to 16 May 2008, to improve your breathing while steeping yourself in the tranquility of

"The difference in breathing in the coordinated pattern and in an altered pattern 
is the difference between operating at peak efficiency and just getting along. 
An engine does not have to be in tip-top condition to work,
but it gives a better performance if it is. 
When the breathing potential is fulfilled, potentials in other areas are fulfilled; 
hence, the importance of breathing coordination.
~ quoted from Dr Breath, by Carl Stough


For a limited time, the Better Eyesight magazine collection will be available at a discount!  
Order now and save $20 off the full price.  Instead of $99.00 you only pay $79.00 for this incredible resource.

Visions of Joy Students continue to receive a substantial 50% discount on the Better Eyesight Magazine collection, which contains the best information available in the world on natural vision education.
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I recently received the following comment from Clark Night, who purchased the ebook 'The Bates Method View on Cataracts.  Thanks Clark, and keep up your good work of spreading knowledge of the Bates Method!

"Bates method view of cataracts is great!!  I am giving a printed copy to my mom.
I got mom to try some Bates Method activities and her cataracts started to reverse, 
(also another man, my old school teacher) and so far surgery for both of them is postponed.
If mom would stop the drugs and discontinue eyeglasses I bet her cataracts would be cured.  
Thanks again."
Clark Night, author of

Enjoy your path to clarity!

Esther Joy van der Werf
Natural Eyesight Improvement &
Optimal Breathing Development

* Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who may be interested in improving their vision naturally. *

This email is sent to all those who have expressed an interest in natural eyesight improvement.  This irregular newsletter will keep you up to date on current classes, events and special offers from Visions of Joy.

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