Why People Give to FitEyes

FitEyes is solely user supported. Over the last year FitEyes has launched an entirely new website; we have published new articles, which one top glaucoma specialist described as "covering everything important about glaucoma"; we have moved our mail list (our technology that allows you to read this message) to a brand new server that is twice as powerful; we have personally helped many people start self-tonometry and we have improved our supporting technology for these tonometer owners. These recent improvements cost over $150,000 (in actual cash expenditures).

Support FitEyes Insight Software for Tonometer Users

We all need FitEyes and FitEyes needs us. We need your contributions to maintain this precious resource and expand its capacity and services to meet growing community needs. We are heartened by the gifts that have already been received from many of our members. Your generous support will make a world of difference for the FitEyes community and for those afflicted with glaucoma throughout the world. Please be assured that a gift of any size will be heartily welcomed. Give your support to FitEyes today and join peers that have already made a gift.

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