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Her email discussion forum post:
Yes, stress does most definitely affect eye pressures.  Any kind of stress, whether it be mental, emotional or physical.  Like many other people, I felt that exercising and working hard were the correct things to do in life.  What I learned is that over-exercising, not taking care of myself and worrying too much caused my health problems, including high eye pressures.  Once I started resting and making an effort not to worry and to let things go and to take care of myself, I started getting better.  I now take leisure walks instead of one-hour treadmill sessions.  I was trying to lose weight and was not eating enough and over-exercising.  Still, I was not losing weight and messed my thyroid up.  Once I rested and started eating three meals a day, believe it or not, I lost weight.  Once I got my thyroid regulated, my cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels became normal.  I never skip meals and take a powder cell nutritional supplement daily.  I also take fish oil daily, which definitely helped my eye pressures.  As 4 months after I started the fish oil, my pressures went from 23 to 18 and when I ran out  of the fish oil, they went back up to 21.
I also noticed that staying on a schedule as to going to bed at same time, waking up at the same time and eating three healthy meals a day helps.  I drink water, but not too much.  I totally got off of aspartame and coffee.  I make my own tea and use stevia and drink mostly water.
Last year I was told I was to have the laser surgery to lower my eye pressures.  However, because of all these changes above, when I went in to have the surgery, my pressures were 17 and I was told they would not do the surgery.  I really believe the nutritional supplement, eating right, staying on a schedule, fish oil, leisure walks and making an effort to stay away from stress has made a big difference.  I am 57 and I hope to never have to have the surgery.
Each person is different and we all need to find out what is right for us.  This is what I have found helped me and hopefully some of this will be of benefit to others.
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