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Octopus Visual Field Scans Before, During and After Micro-Acupuncture & Diet Discussion

Submitted by tsingle999 on Thu, 10/09/2008 - 1:36pm

Attached is a chart of Visual field tests done on my right (not as good) eye while I did the 3x a day 2 week Microacupuncture (meaning hands and feet) treatment with Andy Rosenfarb. The left picture is before the treatment, the middle one is after 4 days or 12 treatments. The right one is after 30 treatments over 12 days. The lighter color the better and if you look at the numbers below, the lower the number the better. It is quite clear to me that my visual field improved. As well my visual acuity improved 2 levels with each eye after treatments. In fact every time I go there now (weekly) when I drive home I could swear I see better or more clearly.

 The acupuncturist told me the first day after reviewing my blood work and examining me (in a traditional chinese medicine type of way) that my liver digesting fats was one of the main problems I was having. He said that it was like a drain that got backed up. And it backed up right into the eyes. I said that I didn't eat much fried food but having been to the 2nd person who told me to stop eating fried food I started to really examine what I ate. Well ok I had a potato chip addiction but I was down to 1 small bag a day? And I had switched over to regular (fried) corn chips from the baked ones as my weight was doing well. And chips and salsa is a staple food for me:) And really when I go out I eat the healthy vegetarian stir fry at the Thai place but it is also loaded with coconut milk (high fat). So during the treatments I decided to eliminate these foods and eat a low fat but right fat diet and take liver supporting herbs. So I felt really good when fridays first eye test rolled around (after 12 treatments). And you can see the visual field opened up in spots on that test.

The next week I continued with the diet and felt really good and felt i could see better. But Thursday night I had an omega oil truffle (high fat but good fat). Well I was still hungry so I had the whole bag of 4 of them. Well when I woke up I couldn't believe how I saw. It seemed like I did not see as well. And the test confirmed that. My visual field opened up nicely on the outside of my eye but the lower left corner that had been opening up was again shut down? I confirmed this effect for myself that weekend when I went out to the Thai place Sunday night and had spring rolls (fried) and stir fry. The next day my vision seemed worse.

So I spoke to my nutritional optometrist and he said that when the body rebuilds its membranes that if you aren't eating raw protein or not properly digesting cooked protein that these can be rebuilt leaky. And so the fat can be leaking into the eye from the blood through things like the Brucht's membrane (essentially a blood-eye barrier). His prescription for me will be another blog post. Suffice it to say it was nice to have 2 people telling me the same thing. I have been following their advice and feel my vision is stable. I also did a visual field test at my glaucoma specialist after day 8 of the acupuncture treatments and from what I could tell it looked like my best visual field scan of that type over the past year (I have only been doing them for a year). I will post that up too after i see him as he runs a regression formula on them to see a change in pattern based on multiple tests.

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