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Submitted by jarek on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 12:18am

I guess that's the most suitable place to tell my story. So I'll put it piece by piece. It will be about pigmentary glaucoma.

I was living in a rather active sport way practicing karate from my twenties up to the age of 33. Then I had accidents with the eyes: from time to time the pupil from my right eye grew unnaturally big. It was happening mostly after the workouts, during the evening sessions on the internet. Finally, one day, it grew bigger again and begin to ache. The ache was hard to bear, like someone was pressing hard on the root of the eyeball. I couldn't stand the light and went to bed. After 2 hours pain was almost gone, but I was seeing halos. Didn't go to see a doctor. That was my last karate workout. It's possible that this day I got a hit in the eye, but weak enough to forget about it.

I switched to jogging and began visiting opthalmologists. They saw nothing unusual except slight anisocoria. After a few months I had the second attack. Not so strong as before, without pain. Now I knew I should go the emergency hospital. They discovered IOP of 46 in the right eye, above 20 in the left. So I was forced to quit jogging as well and switch to ophtalmology.


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