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Some Free Publicity for a Company That Sells Online Visual Field Tests

Submitted by dave on Thu, 01/22/2009 - 5:27pm

This information was released on PR Wire. I hesitate to give the company free publicity for a product they are selling, but in this case I think it is worthwhile for readers to know about this.

VisionRx GlaucomaCheckTM Is the First Patented, Clinical-Grade Online Glaucoma Visual Field Test

Now that you know what they are offering, let me tell you the limitations before you read the whole press release.

First, they charge US$10 for giving you the results of your visual field test. Second, if you use a Mac or run Linux (such as Ubuntu) on your computer, you can't access their test. Furthermore, if you use Firefox web browser you are out of luck too. Since I run Firefox on Ubuntu on my main computer, I couldn't take the test on that computer. I tried it on another computer and I encountered errors in the test due to my screen resolution settings. On this computer, I run dual monitors with a desktop that spans both screen. So I was out of luck again. So far I have not been able to take the test. And I'm not very inclined to support a company that doesn't support my choices in computing. Nonetheless, here is the press release for your educational benefit:

In support of National Glaucoma Awareness Month, VisionRx has launched its groundbreaking online glaucoma test, known as GlaucomaCheck™. Now anyone can screen for glaucoma in the convenience of their own home. Glaucoma is one of the two leading causes of blindness. Over half of those people affected do not know that they have the disease because early glaucoma symptoms can only be detected using specialized tests. Damage to the retina caused by the disease is permanent and irreversible. However, once diagnosed glaucoma can be treated and stopped. Early diagnosis is crucial to prevent irreversible vision loss. While anyone can get the disease, major glaucoma risk factors include: age over 45, family history of glaucoma, significant nearsightedness and diabetes.

GlaucomaCheck™ is what eyecare professionals refer to as a visual field test. It is the first and only patented online glaucoma test accurate and sensitive enough to be used by doctors. First provided online in 1999, GlaucomaCheck™ was, in fact, originally designed for eye doctors. It is inexpensive, fast (less than one minute per eye) and easy to use. It provides immediate results with AutoAnalysis™. GlaucomaCheck™ helps detect glaucoma early -- before the damage is done.

VisionRx is a professional vision test software company that provides glaucoma tests for everyone. VisionRx is dedicated to helping raise awareness, improving detection, and the eventual elimination of glaucoma and other eye diseases. For more information about VisionRx and GlaucomaCheck™ visit

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