How can I manage the quantity of daily Discussion Group emails?

Finding dozens of emails each day in your inbox may seem overwhelming. If you are not checking email every day, your inbox can quickly become clogged with FitEyes posts. There are two alternative ways to handle FitEyes Email Discussion Group messages.

1. Digest Mode:

If you just want to read what is being shared without replying, you may want to consider the "Digest Mode" option to receive posts. With digests, you receive just one email per day, with all posts included. Depending on your email host, they will appear in the message body, or for some Outlook users, as attachments.

You can set your email delivery to digest yourself by visiting your Discussion Group options page. From there you can enter your email address and password to edit your profile. Just change "Set Digest Mode" to "On". If you prefer, we would be glad to do it for you. Just request via our Contact Us form .

2. Filter incoming messages to go directly to a folder:

What if you want to read posts at your leisure, but want to retain the option to reply? Then instead of digest, you should filter these incoming messages to bypass your inbox and be delivered directly into a folder. Open the folder and browse messages, read and reply to any you choose.

Each email provider has its own way for you to create these filters or rules. Below, find links to instructions for the most common email providers. if you need help with these, have some updates or suggestions for instructions, or need help with another provider, contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Google Gmail


AOL (America On Line)



Outlook Client (Local and Web)

Thunderbird Client

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