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Energy Medicine

Submitted by Rosalie on Fri, 01/05/2007 - 9:49am

Having begun a discussion on the topic in the forum, I have come over here to continue it because it represents such a cornerstone in my eye care programme. 

I began to study intensively and practice Energy Medicine in 2000. The system of healing was designed by Donna Eden. She incorporates many traditions but all of it is tempered by her own unique wisdom and gifts. It works for me! In fact, it has utterly altered the way I see my physical body and healing. Not being a joiner or a band wagon jumper, I just knew intuitively she had much to offer me and gave it my best shot. I began with her book, Energy Medicine (read it through over and over and learned all the core exercises). Later I bought her video series, Energy Healing which really cemented my proficency and understanding. 

In the 6 years since, I have maintained a practice using her techniques that takes me about an hour at bedtime. I also use her 5 minute routine, if I find myself out of balance at other times. In all this time I have never found a single place where her advice took me astray. In the video there is an exercise to flush the liver meridian by alternately holding sedating and strengthening acupressure points. It is designed for eye healing. I do that upon waking every morning without fail. Any dryness or irritation from the night disappears and my eyes feel rested and nourished to start the day. 

Like life in general, there is no free lunch. I have worked very hard to develop my proficiency. I love the fact that I can do the exercises anywhere and there is no equipment needed. But the single most important point I want to make is this: I have come to a whole new level of understanding about my body and healing from 6 years on the Energy Medicine programme. I really understand viscerally now what the Eastern traditions have known for aeons. Anything that goes awry in the physical body originates on the energetic level first. Although it may feel very much a physical problem, if one can get at the energy blockage that is causing it, that is how true  healing can take place. Donna Eden has given me the techniques to shift such blockages. Even more importantly, she has given me the awareness that anything physical is mutable energy, therefore we have the capacity within ourselves to shift it.

I hope this doesn't sound "airy-fairy" but I have nothing but gratitude for this programme.

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