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Submitted by Trapper on Mon, 02/24/2014 - 9:37am

Hi everyone. I'm new to this board and look forward to reading everyone's experiences and insights.

I have a question for all here. Has anyone else had a PVD (posterior vitreous detachment) following an SLT procedure, or have you ever heard of this happening to anyone.

I had one in my right eye within a month of the SLT procedure, and within a month following the SLT on the left eye. I've been told repeatedly since (about 8 years ago) that this was merely a coincidence, but I'm not so sure. PVDs can be caused by inflammation, and I was given no anti-inflammatory meds following the procedure, and SLT can cause an inflammatory response.

The PVDs led to all manner of problems with floaters and epiretinal membranes, and a poor surgical outcome for ERM removal and vitrectomy, but that's another story.

Just curious, as I've found no medical reference to this, except anecdotal ties between the inflammation and PVD. I stumbled onto a title of a paper that seemed to refer to this, but it was on a closed site I had no access to.

My newer, current optha is talking a repeat SLT, so I'm nervous. My insurance no longer covers the only drops that were quite effective for me, so  . . . . . . . 

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