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Medical Marijuana and my IOP

Submitted by The_Dude on Sun, 09/08/2013 - 9:36am

Good morning,


I come to you from the wonderful state of Colorado.  We have been allowing the medical use of Cannabis to lower IOP for quite some time.  I am not sure if the condition is directly covered in our laws, but anyone who has a body can get a card for pain/nausea.  I have been using the MMJ to treat pain associated with chronic Pancreatitits for quite some time.


I have seen research that goes both way on whether cannabis will lower your IOP.  Personally I when I smoke, sometimes I become extremely llight sensitive.  Like where I can't see outside at all for over 20 minutes.  The best thing I have been able to come up with in regards to what is exactly going on here is that I am lowering my IOP significantly and the eye shape isn't handling the light well.  The effect of Extreme light sensistivity is not associated with everyone.  Its has been anecdotaly reported on many cannabis forums that this effect is IOP and not consisitent patient to patient.


I would like to see if anyone on this board would be willing to test their IOP before and after using cannabis.  If cannabis truely lowers IOP significantly enough to create a sensistivity to light, BUT only in selective individuals, this would be an important thing to know.  I have had less light sensisty issues with eaten cannabis, this has a higher blood dose, but a slower period of intital titration.  My other theory is some people are overly sensitive to the effects of smoked cannabis, there is about a 45min-1hr period of intense blood saturation with cannabionoids.  After this their is a quick drop in cannabinoids.  Perhaps via the smoked method, only some people are able to recieve the benefeit because of their sensitivity.

So, got some theories.  Not looking to prove anything, rather get some better anecdotal evidence.  So far everyone on the cannabis forums talk about this, but they dont actually have any hard Data to pseudo support it.


Thank you all.

If you would be interested in tracking this with me please send me a message or comment below. 

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