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Submitted by terry on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 5:10pm

Copied from FitEyes Email Discussion


7-8-2019: Susan Wrote:
I know there have been numerous threads about Acunova, however, does anyone have definitive results that the 2 week treatment does in fact lower IOPs or truly helps vision by increasing circulation.  
And if it does, how long before one must continue this treatment on a weekly basis?  I've researched practioners but cannot find a comprehensive list of Acunova acupunturists in the U.S. other than Dr. Rosenfarb and a few others.   If anyone has a resource where I can find that information it would be greatly appreciated.  I go to an acupuncturist but don't know if it is really helping.


7-8-2019 Uday wrote:
I did attend AcuNova treatment for ten days traveling all the way to Copenhagen from NY. Here is my experience.
They are too good to believe. Reading first here and there, I suspected, but because I have to do whatever I can, I decided to take the treatment. There are NO definitive results. The vision test the doctor conducted before and after treatment showed almost a negligible amount of improvement in my vision. And they charged me a ton of money. I continued to look for specifics, i.e, did anyone really get improved of their IOP or vision but haven't found any. Whatever they wrote on their website, books, research papers, its very hazy (and I felt its deceptive in a way). The doctors told me I should continue the treatment so I went there again after 3 months and had my questions precisely ready for the doctors.

1) Is there a reference you can give me of a patient who had cured/ improved IOP or Vision Recovery after these treatments for Glaucoma? The answer is, sorry No we cannot give. 2) Last time you said there is a vision improvement, will this continue to improve if I keep taking treatments? The answer is, sorry there is no guarantee like that. 3) Can you say the least the IOP can be maintained with these treatments? The answer is, we never know, you have to keep coming for treatment life long and we see what happens.

One note though. I don't rule out if they have treated other eye diseases , but when it comes to Glaucoma, there is NO RECORDED proof they have ever improved any glaucoma conditions. If you happen to call them, make sure you don't get lost in their ambiguous information.


7-8-2019: Susan Wrote:
You have saved me a lot of time, etc. I had a similar experience going to Dr. Federov's Restore Vision (microcurrent) in Berlin; it didn't do anything for me nor any of 8 patients with whom I kept in touch.  

I am going to try and find a good acupuncturist (I went to 2 Chinese drs last year who I liked but they didn't take my insurance). I recall them putting the needles on my feet and hands as well as around my eyes. The one I am currently seeing now has drawn blood a few times and I'm not comfortable continuing there. 

Just an FYI, I emailed Dr. Rosenfarb's office to get pricing info, etc. and here's the response I got for any other FitEye members who are considering this. I think acupuncture is a viable treatment for us; not to expect miracles, but a good practioner should be able to help us some.
When I asked Dr. Rosenfarb's office if they could recommend AcuNova acupuncturists throughout the US, they responded:
"Dr. Rosenfarb always recommends that patients begin their treatment here at our facility with Dr.  Rosenfarb.  Once completed, he can recommend another person close to you that he has trained for maintenance."

"Our two week program consists of 20 treatments and the total cost is $4,000. We require $500 to secure an appointment."


7-8-2019: Gloria wrote:
I went to Maui for Micro Acupuncture treatments from Ricardo Molzadski at the Three Treasures Clinic. I went twice. The first time for two weeks and the second time--which was a year later-- for one week. For my first visit, Ricardo had me take a visual field test before I came (from a regular eye doctor) and after the first week of treatments, he had me take another visual field test with a doctor on Maui to determine whether I was responding to treatments. At the end of the first week, I showed significant improvement, particularly with my problem eye. Ricardo also taught me about herbs--how to prepare them and how to sterilize everything, including the eye cups. Since those visits, I've used herbs for my eyes, in addition to the drops my doctor prescribes.

Since then, I've seen improvement and feel like I have better control over my glaucoma than before. I have no idea if Acunova is related to micro acupuncture. Micro acupuncture was accidentally discovered when a group was performing acupuncture experiments several years back in Europe and found that if they concentrated on certain strategic areas, it produced improvements in the eyes for people with eye problems, including glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Ricardo, who is from South America, said he was in the middle of medical school when he became disillusioned with the pharmaeceutical companies and withdrew to go into natural medical methods. He went to Beijing to be trained in acupuncture and also was taught about herbs.

In 2012 when my doctor told me I was going blind the following week, I went on the internet and found out about micro acupuncture. There were only three people who specialized in it in the US. I phoned all 3 of them. One didn't respond, another was grumpy and rude, but Ricardo was the only one who returned my call and was polite. Over the phone, he told me to right away start using triphala tea and chamomile tea to wash my eyes out with eye cups. I listened. Within a week, my eyes improved and they progressed out of the emergency stage.

Triphala herb, I learned, is a combination of three herbs which was developed in India to lower the eye pressure. Over the internet, a website says to wash your eyes with it for 15 minutes eye cups but with my prescribed eye drops, I only need to do it for 5 minutes. The same with chamomile tea.

When I returned to my doctor after using these herbs for a week, the nurse commented about how much my eyes had improved but when I mentioned the herbs I was using, my doctor became skeptical and grumpy and said just because I was seeing better it did not mean that my eyes had improved.

No comment to his comment. I didn't go blind in a week and my eyes have since improved.

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