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Access the private FitEyes email discussion archive

Submitted by terry on Mon, 08/02/2021 - 2:01pm

Here are the instructions to access the private FitEyes email discussion archive:

Browse to to create a new user account. Fill in the fields and click the "Sign Up" button. Look for the confirmation email and click the link it contains.

Once you are signed up and confirmed, you will see this page:

Select the List "All" and you will see a "Manage Subscription" button. The current settings should be OK, but feel welcome to update your email discussion settings (such as digest or not). You can bookmark your settings, and the archive page:
If you do not see what is expected, you are probably registering an email which is not a member of the "All" list. Please sign up for this archive access with the same address which receives FitEyes emails (such as the email address that received this message).

One great (and surprising) feature you might appreciate is that you can actually participate in the "email" discussion without using email. The archive page allows you to post a new topic with the "Start a new thread" button and reply to existing archived posts -- even ones which are new or 10-plus years old. Open an archived post, and you will see a "Reply" link at the bottom. For some, this might be even easier than setting their account to "Digest".

Note that if you reply via the archive, all other users will receive your message via their email, exactly as normal and the conversation can continue.

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